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What a night! WOYA

Phew -  what a night ! There was as much buffing, scrubbing,  straightening, curling and making up as anyone could imagine in Sussex on Friday night! The county’s most glamorous women, the high achievers , the inspirational, the community minded and the stars of the future were gathered in Arundel for the inaugural, local ‘Woman of the Year’ Awards. The excitement built steadily throughout the week culminating in a room full of beautifully attired Ladies and their support, both structural (think Bridget Jones knickers and the like !) and emotional – friends, partners and the and the wider MNC family.

Nicky Chisholm had to be literally laced into her pink affair for her grand entrance ( ‘and that was no mean feat’ - Sara) and Sara Guiel spent a long time wriggling into rib crushing BIG knickers in order to shimmy into her very long dress (‘Just hilarious’ - Nicky)! The regional MNC Managers were there in force and we were thrilled to be there with them in association with JPSouth Events

MNC is all about raising the profile of business women ( and some men) , connecting people to forward their careers and chose businesses. On Friday night we were proud of all our members and Managers and  every other nominee in that room as they are setting a trend for the recognition and status of the next generation of women. 

We know that  being a woman is never easy.  In this day and age when the term equality is so easily confused with discrimination, when those in the faith business think it’s best that their female employees don’t rise through the ranks but still expect you to keep the faith; when ‘real’men ( and I use that term in the loosest sense) celebrate the women’s insurance hike in the name of equality  … or should that be discrimination…well, they can afford to with their higher than women’s average salaries!

18 winners among such a high quality field of nominations with the recognisable Fred Dinage at the helm.  He perhaps had a line in patter that our Ladies weren’t quite so au fait with and was possibly more fitting with a corporate bash than a glamorous high achieving, intelligent, creative crowd, but he was a professional when it came to dealing with heckling (just  a little misplaced ) and  had a great way of including the families and supporters of the worthy winners. 

We had 5 fantastic MNC winners Joyanne Williamson, Jen Trew, Orla Lambe , Rachel Boyle, Jeanette Stanley. Next time we hope that all the winners will be true achievers in their fields, the creative and the educational, the sporting and the  business. And it will only be acheiveable with the help of the  super supportive sponsors. Many of our members decided to get behind this event to make it happen so a huge vote of thanks to sponsors White Ochre Design, MCCIT, Spofforths, La Belle, Lurgashall Winery without whom….etc.etc! 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the night , the event , the process and the planning ! Let us have your feedback , comment below or contact Sara

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